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One of the reasons I did not start planning a trip to Kyoto, Japan, today is that there is so much to see and do in this amazing place. Japanese culture is something you find interesting, there is no reason not to plan your trip today. There is much more to discover about this fascinating country than the historic sites most visitors see in Kyoto Prefecture. From visiting ancient temples and lush gardens to eating local cuisine and visiting geisha, there is a lot to do during a visit, but these are the best things to see, do and experience in and around Kyoto.

If you just want to get a general taste, you can select a few of them and integrate them into your Kyoto tours and other Kyoto attractions. I have seen Kyoto day tours that combine many different attractions, such as the Museum of Kyoto Prefecture, the Imperial Palace and the National Museum of Japan, but when combined, Kyoto highlights the other and that Kyoto itself highlights.

See the temples and shrines of Kyoto to learn more, and also read my travel blog # 10. I have also listed at the end of this article where to stay in Kyoto if you are going to Kyoto, as well as some of the best hotels and restaurants in the city.

If you're interested in Japanese food, check out my article 10 of the best restaurants in Kyoto. If you are planning to visit Japan, including Kyoto, please read my other articles about Japan here.

My Kyoto day trip will be a list of things to do in Kyoto, where to go, how to use your Japan Rail Pass and much more. I will move on to the next part of my Kyoto Japan Things to Do list in a few weeks, but not before I finish this article.

On your next trip to Kyoto, plan to see as much of Kyoto as your schedule allows and experience Kyoto in full. There are tours you can try in Kyoto, but tell your private tour guide in Kyoto what you want to see and he will put together a day trip to and from Kyoto for you.

One of them is that Yasaka Shrine should be on your list of free activities in Kyoto for various reasons, but this is one of them. It is quite close to Kyoto Castle and you can experience the Japanese west side of Kyoto, and it is a great place to find a café to go on a day trip with one or two friends or even a group of friends. There are many different types of temples and shrines to choose from, from the traditional to the more modern, so pick one you like and visit it.

The ornate Kyoto temples are certainly the highlight of the Kyoto visit, but there are plenty of fun things to keep you entertained while you walk on your own through the historic Kyoto districts. Although you will find many pictures from Kyoto, Japan, nothing compares to standing in front of these magnificent buildings. I hope that this list of the best things to do in Kyoto has helped you make the most of your Kyoto sights.

Below I have put together some of the best things for your next trip to Kyoto, as well as some tips and tricks for a fun day out in the city.

If you haven't decided where to stay in Kyoto, click here to read my guide to staying at If you are looking for a hotel in Japan, or even just a cheap overnight stay, I strongly recommend you to start your search for Kyoto places before you stay. I strongly recommend you buy a good book, such as one I bought from Amazon in advance of your trip, as well as a travel agent.

There are two tourist attractions in Kyoto that are close together and that would be on a half - one day Kyoto to - do list. The two places you can find are the Botanical Garden of Kyoto in the north of Kyoto and the Natural History Museum of Kyushu in the south of Kyoto. Take part in one of the amazing activities you can do in Kyoto Japan at night, or spend some time visiting and staying in one or both of these amazing places. I would include two of my favorite places, the Kyoto Temple and the Kyoto Shinto Shrine, as well as a few other places.

If you are flying to Kyoto from outside the country, the nearest airport to Kyoto Japan is Kansai International Airport in Osaka (KIX). If you are planning a Kyoto day trip in 3 days and you want to plan your Osaka day trip in Kyoto yourself, you can use the following suggestions to complete your best Kyoto route. You will need to organize yourself and transportation, as well as plan for your hotel, food and other necessities.

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