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Below is a list of the most important events that take place in Japan during the autumn months and where and how to enjoy them. If you're there, make a list of some of your favourite festivals in Japan, why not visit?

If you are planning a trip to Japan, including Kyoto, we recommend you consult our Ultimate Guide to Kyoto in Japan first to plan all aspects of your holiday. Kyoto is a spectacular place to visit in March, but if you plan on spending time in Just right, it is recommended to visit them in the autumn months. Foods to try in Tokyo in the summer and things to do in Tokyo during the summer. Take the time to see all these options and recommend some of the best restaurants in Kyoto and other parts of Japan during this time of year.

Teach the latest practical advances in radiology and also give your family the opportunity to experience the history and culture of the country. You can spend a special evening and enjoy a night tour of Kyoto Zoo, or there are guided tours you can try in Kyoto.

If you are ever in Kyoto in July, be sure to check out the events at the Gion Festival. Japanese art and culture and interest in it, and if you plan to stay at an event in Kyoto, you should be sure to make your reservation months in advance. If you have been to Kyoto in July and August, do not forget to include this special event in your trip outside Kyoto for January.

One of the best things to do while in Kyoto in January would be to take part in the lively Matsuri festival. As you can see, there are a lot of interesting Kyoto events in January, starting with this year's Gion Festival, as well as the Matsuri Festival and other events.

For information on what the weather is like in Kyoto this month, please visit the Best Times page on the Kyoto page. Suffice it to say that if there is a seasonal event that will take place in Kyoto, one will take place in January. It is worth noting that these events are the reason for tourists and residents of other Japanese cities to flock to Kyoto in April.

This year there are several events that are important for all of us. Even if it seems a bit much at first glance, these events are actually very important in the long term. It takes place every year on the last day of April, from April 1st to the end of May.

Souvenir shopping is one of the most exciting things to do when traveling in Japan, and Kyoto is an amazing city to shop for if you like Japanese handicrafts and traditional sweets. The Japanese love one or two big or small festivals, so this is in the bag for all the different festivals in Japan. If that's not enough, festivals across Japan also offer the best souvenir shops, such as Kyoto's famous Kyoto shops, Kyoto Market or even Kyushu Market.

The temples and shrines of Kyoto are particularly popular for cherry blossom viewing, and the city attracts millions of visitors from Japan and overseas every year - everywhere. During the season, there are also light events at night, but the moon observation takes place in the night sky at various shrines and temples in Kyoto, including Kyushu Shinto Shrine, Kyoto Temple of the Moon and Kyoto Shrine of the Moon. Kyoto's well-preserved monuments, such as the Imperial Palace, the Great Hall of Japan, are the biggest attraction in Kyoto. Many special events take place here, such as the annual cherry blossoms and moon-watching events.

Based on the lunar calendar, Jing noQi Xi takes place every year in the first week of March and the second week of October.

The best time to see cherry blossom trees in Kyoto is during the sightseeing dates, and Kyoto is quite busy at this time of year. Some of the best events, such as the Cherry Blossom Festival, Cherry Tree Festival and the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, take place in autumn and spring.

October 22 is one of the biggest days of the year for Kyoto festivities, and don't forget to celebrate with a trip to Kurama himatsuri, Japan's largest cherry blossom festival. You can watch the events during the day, but in the evening you head north to visit Kuramatsu and see what follows.

Visit MusA (c) Cotte 2019 for an event that introduces you to many of the local museums of Kyoto, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of exhibitions, lectures and special events, as well as free admission. This is a great opportunity to meet the museum experts gathered in Kyoto for this exciting week of events.

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