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We've picked out some of the best things to do in Kyoto, Japan, especially if you're a first-time visitor. We'll show you how to travel cheaply and discover some good free things Kyoto is doing. If you just want to get a general taste, you can pick a pair and integrate it into your Kyoto tours and other Kyoto attractions.

If you are in the Gion area, Maruyama Park, one of Kyoto's attractions worth visiting, is located near the Yasaka Shrine. Kurama Onsen is a famous destination in the area and known throughout Kyoto for its particularly picturesque outdoor hot springs.

The temple also features a circular promenade garden and a suction pond and has been nominated as one of the ten most beautiful temples in Japan worldwide. There are many other temples and shrines in Kyoto, as well as a number of other tourist attractions.

Although most visitors to Kyoto prefecture see the historic sites, there is much more to discover in this fascinating country. Even without the flowers, there are certainly some outstanding sights in Kyoto and you can enjoy some beautiful views of nature. I hope this list of the best activities in Kyoto has helped you make the most of your Kyoto visit. What do you need to consider - places to visit in and around Kyoto, a major city in Japan?

Read the rest of this blog to learn why the Kyoto region (Kyoto Station) in the center of Kyoto may be the best area to stay in Kyoto. Kyoto is an ideal base for exploring the Kansai area, due to its proximity to the surrounding cities of Osaka, Osaka, Tokyo and Osaka. The recommended areas for your Kyoto sightseeing stay are below, in descending order of preference. When you reach Kyoto city centre, you can enjoy good views of the city and some beautiful views of Tokyo from the Gion, the central part of Kyoto.

Experience a different Kyoto charm at the lively Nishiki market, where you can get delicious snacks and souvenirs. A visit to Kyoto National Museum gives you the opportunity to learn more about the history of the city and other attractions. Much of your trip to Kyoto is about appreciating the history of these areas, so if you are planning to visit Japan, including Kyoto, read our other articles on Japan. Two places where we can find them are the Kyoto Botanical Garden in northern Kyoto and the Kyushu Natural History Museum in Tokyo.

On your next trip to Kyoto, plan whether your schedule will allow you time to visit and visit one of these amazing places. Take part in some of the amazing activities you can do at night in Kyoto and Japan. If you don't have enough time, Cycle Kyoto also offers a number of events, such as the Kyushu Natural History Museum, Kyoto Botanical Garden and Kyoto National Museum.

The Shinkansen Express Train will take you from Kyoto to Kyoto in less than 2 hours, or you can take the Express Train from Tokyo Narita Haneda International Airport to or from TokyoNarita Haneda International Airport.

If you are still thinking about visiting Kyoto, there is only one museum I would suggest, but it is not one of the better ones to visit in Tokyo. The highly respected Kyoto Railway Museum has two superior counterparts in Nagoya and Tokyo, and if you are in Kyoto for a limited time I would not recommend either of them to visit. The Yasaka Shrine should be on your list of "free activities in and around Kyoto" for various reasons. One is that the entrance fee is quite steep (750 yen or more at weekends) and is not a "must" but rather a higher one to do in Tokyo.

I have always been fascinated by the palace, and when I learned that it is accessible from downtown Kyoto, not to mention that admission is free, I decided to include it in my Kyoto itinerary. One of my favorite things to do at Kyoto Station is to relax a little while planning your trip to Kyoto. I personally was on my first trip to Kyoto (I wish it was within 5 minutes walk) and I am always fascinated by this palace. If you want to be closer to the Kaiserpfalz or just a few blocks away, this is the place to be.

For information on public transport in Kyoto, please refer to the Kyoto Suburbs Public Transport Guide and the Kyoto Subway Guide. Public transport can easily reach Kyoto's urban areas such as Shibuya, Shizuoka and other parts of the city from Kyoto Station.

In short, Kyoto is the most worthwhile destination in Japan and should be at the forefront of your Japan Itinerary. You will find unique and unforgettable experiences no matter what time of year you travel to Japan. Find out where to stay in Kyoto and take us through the Kyoto guide on how and where to stay in and around Kyoto, as well as more information about the city.

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More About Kyoto